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Johns Creek Software was incorporated in 1992 to further development of software for small businesses. Located along the banks of of a small lake on Johns Creek it seemed a likely name for the company. And since software was to be our business we added that to the name.

In the years that have passed we have worn many different hats as our mission and industry changes. We have developed several different software applications, supported the software and built computers and network systems to use as the hardware platforms for our software.

Then the Internet came along and changed the landscape of our business and the business of most of our clients.

Now days we have evolved into an Internet Media and Hosting company helping businesses cope with the changes the Internet is bringing. Still providing our core service of software deployment and integration we help businesses build robust, successful web sites.

We also are experts in Internet Security having represented the major brands on the Internet since 1997. We have helped hundreds of thousands Internet users worldwide and many of them are return customers year after year.

Our business requires us to be up to date each day keeping abreast of the Internet, the major players and guiding web sites to success. The Internet plays a very large role in our company's future as we continue to help our customers fully utilize it.

Our staff has many product and systems certifications. Internet security, Internet software and hardware systems, software quality assurance, programming and server management are a few areas of specialty that we have a lot of expertise and certifications.

We will discuss specific certifications if they are needed for your project. All of our executive's careers span over 30 years. With several of our key people in different disciplines of Information Technology and Media our depth of experience and knowledge makes us a company that can gets things done efficiently and to high quality standards.

We will share executive summaries and certifications with potential customers. You can expect to see 30 years experience from each founder and 10 years and more with our associates.


Johns Creek Software Inc.
5174 McGinnis Ferry Rd. #175
Alpharetta, Georgia 30005

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We operate a business that is 100% Internet based. There is no public access to any of our offices, data or support centers.

That does not mean we are not at work giving you the best support from professional personnel. If you think we are not doing our job properly please email or leave a phone message and one of our executive staff will call you within 5 days. If it is an emergency please state that fact in the message.

No soliciting to us by telephone.
Please contact us by email if you
think we need your product or services.

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