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Cusomer Service

Customer Service is our top priority.

Your credit card security is very important to us. Credit Card and PayPal charge inquiries are handled immediately.

What we do when you have a question about a credit card charge? We will lookup your account and either email you an invoice you can confirm or we confirm your charge was not made here within 48 business hours.

For credit card and other support issues
please send an email for support.

We will respond during regular business hours.
9am - 5pm CST USA
Monday through Friday



Data Center

We provide most of our customer service and support via email. It is very rare that a problem can not be resolved easily and quickly via email. So please email us so your issue gets prompt response.

We promise to do our jobs in a professional manner and use all our resources to keep your web site running and available to all Internet users worldwide. Please be patient while we answer your email. We will respond to all support requests as soon as possible.

Should your problem need telephone assistance we monitor our support line diligently and will call you back within 48 hours or sooner.

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