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We have secure Internet Servers for business hosting.

Since 1997 we have offered Internet web site hosting for one purpose, providing you with the best web hosting experience possible. We manage everything ourselves and answer for the quality of the operations every step of the way.

We keep up with Internet server computer technology and always employ the lastest improvements and innovations. Our servers are state of the art at all times because we are always updating the technology, piece by piece. Our uptime is 99.99% because we invoke quality assurance every step of the way.

The performance benefit is that no matter how fast the servers in traditional provider facilities are, they do not offer anywhere near the performance of our custom high speed servers running with fast RAID arrays with multiple 45 megabit Internet connections.

Your support is provided by experts who are actively involved in running the servers. Your support will come from people who know computers and have been running their own Internet servers for years.

Your web will be hosted in a world class data center located on the mainland USA.

Data center staff monitor the physical aspect of the building 24 hours per day, ensuring climate and power remain within tolerances. This is a climate controlled, building with industrial grade uninterruptible power supplies backed by Diesel power plants. A non-liquid fire suppression system is in place. The building is protected by security systems for controlled access.

The network is monitored 24 hours by highly skilled technicians. The server is behind a firewall and intrusion detection system. A backup server in an alternative data center can be brought on line in case it is needed.

Our servers are built for high speed and failsafe operations. Hot-swappable redundant components means the server can withstand failures without interrupting service. Our hardware is much more fault-tolerant than a machine at a traditional provider with a 1U server with tiny fans, non fault-tolerant disk I/O, and a single power supply.

Software includes Linux and a large suite of tools and applications. All hosting plans have email accounts with spam assassin and web mail, SQL databases, private CGI program capability, forums, guest books, databases and so forth. FTP file transfer and domain name hosting services are included with all plans.

Our Internet connections are always running at maximum throughput to the Internet. There are no bandwidth bottlenecks with our redundant high speed Internet connections and routers that calculate and use the shortest path to a client. Our connectivity comes from four physically distinct 45 Megabit connections, each from a different provider. We have three separate internet and power connections coming from our building in case one is out.

Daily backups are made at the data center. In the event of a catastrophic event, we can simply restore the previous nights image of your web site and restart it - a process that can take as little as ten minutes to complete. We can help you set up off site backups of your data. If you have mission critical programs and data that needs a disaster recovery solution, we can set that up by request.

Quality Assurance is provided by a on staff Certified QA engineer and can be documented to specific standards for your ISO Internet projects. This is something you can not get at any other Internet Hosting company. Inquire for more details.


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